Spyware has become an enormous problem as people try to take over your computer and use it for their own purposes by installing software that will spy on your activities and present large numbers of advertisements while you are connected to the Internet. Some of the spyware even monitors what you type in on the computer in the hopes of stealing your credit card numbers or your usernames and password to your bank's web site.

As in the case of antivirus software, you should never use anti-spyware products advertized by popups. They are nearly always malicious. Even more, a large number of the anti-spyware products available are really either spyware themselves or they are second-rate ripoffs of legitimate anti-spyware products. Before downloading or purchasing any anti-spyware product, you should independently check it out to find out if it is really on the level.

Unlike for antivirus software, you should be able to run more than one anti-spyware product at a time.

There are two really find free anti-spyware products that we recommend: Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy.


Spybot Search & Destroy